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white plate with rare duck and vegetables white plate with rare duck and vegetables

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Curators of Bespoke Events
Complete Event Planning & Styling
Model Waiting Staff & Hosts
High Concept Drinks Packages
Private Chef Dining Experiences

We provide a luxury offering alongside a close, personal and altogether bespoke service. We pride ourselves on punctuality, presentation and originality, but also work to form personal relationships with our clients, planners and fellow suppliers. We believe that only by fully understanding the vision, can we really take an event brief to outstanding levels and produce something truly amazing.

We believe food should excite and challenge the senses, adding experiences that will be etched in your memory. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke concepts such as food stations, innovative canapes and of course unique showmanship.

dessert on floral plate with jus poured by a waiter

Our sustainability mission is to adopt business practices that have a positive impact on protecting and enhancing the environment by reusing and recycling all material. Where possible we will use recycled or ecologically friendly paper, food containers, boxes etc and manage waste generated from business operation according to the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling and sourcing ethical sustainable alternatives.

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luxury dining dish on white plate surrounded by flowers
white plate with rare duck and vegetables